mc8 Line Optimisation

Output is the most important factor for the economic efficiency of a blown film extrusion line. This is where mc8 line optimisation by Octagon comes in. With cooling the film bubble as efficiently as possible being the objective, the line can be operated at maximum output. Thanks to integrated height adjustment, the bubble shape can be adapted to a wide variety of products and blowing conditions. Special operating modes also make it possible to positively influence the mechanical properties of the film. A special lip geometry, a larger single-storey air ring depending on the line or an adapted set of lips supplement the required measures. mc8 line optimisation may be used with a dual-lip air ring and is essential with a triple-lip air ring. Both automatically controlled air rings using SmartLip and conventional air rings can be used. The mc8 concept allows new and existing blown film lines to be optimised.
pdf-icon Brochure: SmartLip-mc8