SmartLip Thickness Profile Control


The SmartLip control system was conceived to continuously monitor the gauge profile during the production of blown film. The stream of cooling air is effectively guided by virtually maintenance-free control elements in the air ring, correcting thick and thin areas. Better profile tolerances permit a reduction of average film thickness, one speaks of so-called "down gauging". A control step is carried out after each measurement of a complete thickness profile. Significantly improving the profile tolerances is the goal of the control system. Here the most important results are improved film quality and a reduction in raw material consumption. The SmartLip electronic control system is integrated in the air ring, virtually separated from the cooling air, resulting in extremely low contamination during production. Another major advantage, compared for example to thermal control in the air ring, is the extremely low energy consumption of the SmartLip control system. All air rings can be adapted to various die diameters by means of different interchangeable lips.
 Brochure: SmartLip