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ScenEx Process Control and Visualisation        
Control of mono extrusion lines ScenEx M icon    
Control of coextrusion lines ScenEx C        
Process visualisation VisEx C icon   icon    
SmartLip Thickness Profile Control        
System description SmartLip icon  icon     
 Extrusion line optimisation SmartLip mc8  icon icon     
Single-Lip air ring SmartLip SL icon  icon     
Dual-Lip air ring SmartLip DL icon  icon     
Triple-Lip air ring SmartLip TL icon  icon     
On-line Thickness Profile Measurement PMS        
 Measurement on the bubble PMS-B icon  icon     
 Measurement on the bubble VenPad icon  icon     
 Measurement in collapsing frame PMS-A icon icon    
 Measurement after collapsing frame PMS-F icon icon    
 Stand-alone profile measurement with PMS-A icon icon    
 Stand-alone profile measurement with PMS-F icon icon    
 GPA-Cap Off-line Thickness Measuring Device        
 Film thickness measurement unit GPA-Cap icon icon    
 Gravimetric Throughput and Weight per Metre Control        
 Throughput measuring unit WLS icon icon    
Lineal weight control  for mono-lines ScenEx B icon icon    
 Layer gauge control for coex-lines ScenEx CB icon icon    
 Gravimetric Dosing unit GDS icon icon    
Gravimetric Dosing unit GDS-Eco    
 Gravimetric dosing and lineal weight control ScenEx D icon icon    
 Lay-Flat Width Measurement and Control        
 Lay-flat width measuring unit LMS icon icon    
 Lay-flat width and gusset-offset measuring unit GMS icon icon    
 Stand-alone lay-flat width control with LMS ScenEx LL icon icon    
 Stand-alone lay-flat width control with GMS ScenEx LG icon icon    
 PC-Software GPA-Win for Windows icon icon    
 PC-Software DIAG-Win for Windows icon icon    
 PC-Software PMS-Win for Windows icon icon