GPA-Cap Off-line Film Thickness Measuring Unit

The GPA-Cap has been designed to measure the thickness profile of a film strip cut out of a film tube. It is equipped with both a contactless capacitive sensor and a mechanical sensor with standard measuring surfaces for absolute measurement. Calibration of the capacitive sensor is fully automated with parallel operation of both sensors. This allows precise measurements according to DIN 53370 and ISO 4593. It is operated via the touch screen display or the function keys on the device. Convenient evaluation and visualisation of the measurements is mainly done on the PC using the GPA-Win PC software. Straightforward operation, non-wearing measuring technology, automatic calibration and convenient evaluation software have made the GPA-Cap and its preceding product versions a reliable measuring tool in quality assurance that has been valued by users around the world for nearly 24 years. When automation possibilities in the blown film line are limited, the GPA often serves as a crucial tool to improve the film quality within the scope of process technology. As well as being used in clean quality laboratories, this device has conquered a new area of application in the rough production environment of a blown film extrusion line.
pdf Brochure: GPA-Cap