Gravimetric Throughput and Weight per Metre Control

Throughput Measurement and Control
The Octagon control systems for gravimetric throughput and weight per metre control allow the user to improve the quality of his films. Using the loss-of-weight principle, the patented WLS throughput measuring system from Octagon captures material consumption at the extruder with the greatest accuracy and serves as a measuring element to control the weight per metre, throughput and layer thickness in blown film extrusion lines. The haul-off and extruder are controlled by the respective central computer.
pdf Brochure: WLS

Gravimetric Dosing
When several materials are supplied to an extruder, Octagon offers continuous and highly precise gravimetric dosing of up to 6 additive components per extruder. The throughput of each component is determined by weighing and added directly at the extruder intake according to the specified nominal proportions via maintenance-free dosing screws. This prevents a "demixing" of the individual materials. An additional mixer is not required. Even colouring and the highest accuracy can therefore be assured. The dosing screws can be exchanged in a few simple steps.
pdf Brochure: GDS

Stand-alone Systems
On mono lines, the weight per metre can be controlled with ScenEx B. Dosing up to 4 components is supported by ScenEx D gravimetric dosing system. On 3-layer lines, ScenEx CB can be used to control the weight per metre, total throughput and the individual layer thicknesses. These components are supplied with the VisEx A display and operating panel to enter the nominal values and display the actual values.
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