Octagon and its Core Competencies

Octagon Firmengebäude


Octagon with its registered office in Würzburg has been an established competence centre for measuring and control technology in blown film extrusion for more than 25 years. Qualified employees focus on the needs of the customer, such as the improvement of quality and the reduction of raw material consumption in film production. The market with its special needs sets the pace for product development at Octagon. The company develops, produces and distributes its products through direct sales as well as long-standing sales partners. Efforts consistently focus on proximity to the customer.

SmartLip Dickenprofilregelung

SmartLip Thickness Profile Control

This energy-efficient control method, integrated in a high-performance air ring, reduces the 2-sigma tolerances of the thickness profile by automatically controlling the flow of cooling air around the film bubble, simultaneously increasing the throughput of the extrusion line. Various patents issued and hundreds of systems in daily operation around the world are proof of the performance and development leadership of SmartLip thickness profile control by Octagon.


PMS Online Dickenprofilmessung

PMS On-line Thickness Profile Measurement

PMS measurement systems permit the efficient on-line control of film quality on fully rotating, reversing and stationary blown film extrusion lines. Radiation-free and efficiently integrated in the extrusion process, these low-maintenance measurement systems do their job reliably. Versions include models that contact the film and, on the other hand, the contactless and patented VenPad for special films.


GPA Offline Dickenmessgerät

GPA Off-line Thickness Measurement

For many years, the GPA thickness profile measurement device has been the undisputed market leader among high-end measuring devices for precisely determining the film thickness in off-line operation. This device supports measurements according to the DIN/ISO standard and offers numerous possibilities for storing, evaluating and presenting the collected measurements. Originally conceived for the quality laboratory, it has long since conquered the rough world of day-to-day production as an inspection device. Nearly all renowned manufacturers of blown film extrusion lines use the GPA thickness profile measuring device as a reference measuring unit in product development for their online profile measuring systems.

Gravimetrische Dosierung GDS

GDS Gravimetric Dosing

The GDS fully gravimetric dosing system meets the highest user requirements. These mainly include the best possible weighing and dosing accuracy, high linearity over the entire measuring range and absolute operating reliability. The respective proportions of additives, such as additives or batches, are determined according to the loss-of-weight principle. The additive components are continuously added directly at the extruder intake with highly precise dosing in order to eliminate "demixing". With the addition of coloured master batches, the films are evenly coloured.