Lay-Flat Width Measurement and Control

The LMS lay-flat width measuring sensor captures the lay-flat width of the produced film. The lay-flat film glides over the measuring tube. Two high-precision infrared sensors driven by stepper motors follow the two film edges. A process controller calculates the distance of the film edges and therefore the width of the flat film from the number of steps.
pdf Brochure: LMS

In addition, the GMS gusset offset sensor also determines the edge offset of film with gussets in addition to the lay-flat width. Two independent discs driven by stepper motors dip into the side gussets of the flat film. Four high-precision infrared sensors follow the respective film edges.
pdf Brochure: GMS

Both LMS and GMS are connected to the central computer via the MAC-GMS (-LMS) controller. To control the measured lay-flat width, either the calibration basket or the air volume controller is controlled via the central computer. The measuring ranges are established by means of selecting different tube lengths with LMS, and through the corresponding positioning of the adjustment units with GMS. This permits variable adaptation of the operating range. The resolution of a measuring step is 0.1 mm with both systems.