About Octagon

Octagon Firmengebäude

Highly qualified and motivated Octagon employees have been effectively developing, producing and distributing innovative measuring and control technology for blown film extrusion lines for over 25 years. Founded by Professor Dr. Veit-Holger Karl, the Managing Director, the company grew continuously and has successfully asserted itself worldwide in a small niche market ever since. Once a demand and therefore a market for electronic components in measuring and control technology had been identified, innovative ideas were converted into finished products which were then fabricated in serial production and brought to market. A variety of patents that remain in effect to this day helped protect important insights and key products, thereby maintaining a means of existence for what was still a young company.

Octagon Qualität

In the first few years, a presence had been established in the German-speaking market. But as a result of emerging competition, the relatively small company also faced the challenge of developing new markets and customers within and beyond Europe. A reliable network of customers around the world, putting their trust in the performance of Octagon employees and products in the daily production process for manufacturing various films by means of blown film extrusion, was successfully developed within a few years. Today several of the company’s sales and service personnel as well as select industry representatives visit customers around the world, communicating the readiness and willingness of Octagon to meet their needs and requirements on site – needs that often call for effective communication and decision-making processes.

Octagon Team

While perfected and technically innovative products are the key to success, there are people behind them. People who have ideas, who develop, draw, calculate, design, purchase, verify quality, produce, package, handle customs, ship, install, commission, repair, advise, negotiate and sell. But Octagon also sees itself as a company that pursues economic objectives. Octagon wants to offer its customers added value with its services and products. In return, customers should be willing to pay a fair price that allows Octagon to exist and grow as a company.