PMS On-line Thickness Profile Measurement

PMS Online Dickenprofilmessung

Octagon offers a variety of measurement systems for the on-line determination of the film profile. On-line means the measurement is fully automated and made during the production process. The measuring process is controlled by the central computer of the blown film extrusion line and visualised using VisEx C. Here the measurement can be taken on the film bubble with the help of a sensor reversing around the film (PMS-B/VenPad), in the collapsing frame (PMS-A) or also after collapsing frame (PMS-F). The measurement on the film bubble can be made with or without contact. In the latter case, the PMS-B reversing contact sensor is extended with the patented VenPad, which permits measuring mechanically critical films. Operated as a standalone system, the PMS-Win PC software permits comfortable visualisation of online thickness profile measurement on the customer's PC.