ScenEx Process Control and Visualisation

ScenEx components are process controls and serve as the central computer for single and multi-layer blown film extrusion lines. VisEx C is used for visualisation. Its optimised user interface is very user friendly and offers a clear overview of all process data. The control range on the system is determined by ScenEx measuring and control modules, each of which is equipped with its own CPU, connected via a field bus.
pdf Brochure: VisEx-C

In addition to the WLS throughput measuring sensor, the ScenEx measuring modules include the PMS thickness profile measuring sensor to determine the gauge profile, the LMS lay-flat width measuring sensor and the GMS gusset offset measuring sensor. The ScenEx control modules mainly consist of the GDS gravimetric dosing system for up to 7 components per extruder and the product group of SmartLip regulated air rings.
pdf Brochure: ScenEx-C

ScenEx components simplify the extrusion process and, by capturing and presenting key process data, consistently ensure the product quality demanded by the user. They minimise waste when starting up the line or changing products and help reduce the consumption of raw material. Customer complaints are also reduced and ultimately the film manufacturer decreases its costs. All ScenEx measuring and control modules are described in more detail below.