SmartLip TL Triple-Lip Air Ring

The automatically regulated triple-lip air ring SmartLip TL is the latest and most efficient air ring among the automatically controlled versions offered by Octagon. With integrated height adjustment and the additional third stream of air, which cools the film in the direction of the blow head, the melt is cooled even more effectively. This results in another significant increase in output compared to the dual-lip air ring. By systematically influencing the bubble shape via height adjustment, it is also possible to further affect the mechanical properties of the film during production. The SmartLip TL supports the so-called "long neck" operating mode with many composite films. It significantly improves the characteristic values of the film. Dart drop values and tensile strength are increased by up to 40% compared to conventional operating modes. Conversely this means that the overall film thickness can be drastically reduced without impairing the characteristic values of the film. The SmartLip TL was the attention-grabbing highlight among the control systems at the K2010 trade fair in Düsseldorf.
pdf-icon Brochure: SmartLip-TL