PMS-Win Profile Visualisation
This PC software was developed especially for Octagon on-line thickness profile measurement. It displays profiles in various views and automatically saves the measurements and thickness profiles when measuring is complete. Up to 10 blown film extrusion lines can be centrally monitored from one PC with the PMS-Win PC software.
pdf Brochure: PMS-Win

GPA-Win Thickness Profile Analysis
This PC software was developed especially for the GPA-Cap measuring device and its preceding models. Nominal data for film measurement can be entered via a USB interface. At the end of the measuring process, the software stores the measurements which can easily be found later by means of various filters in the Access database. This software can also be used for the convenient analysis of thickness profiles measured on-line with the PMS measuring sensor.
pdf Brochure: GPA-Win

DIAG-Win Data Capture
This PC software for the monitoring, analysis and evaluation of all data for a blown film line captured through the connected Octagon process controls is available in two versions: DIAG-Win Basis and DIAG-Win Comfort. Compared to the Comfort version, the functions offered by the Basis version are restricted. While all data can be displayed and saved with both versions, only the Comfort version allows measurements to be exported, recorded diagnosis data to be read and dial connections to be established.
pdf Brochure: DIAG-Win