PMS-B Measurement on the Film Bubble and VenPad Extension

The PMS-B measuring sensor is mounted on a oscillating rail that reverses around the film bubble. The reversing speed can be freely selected so that it can be adapted to the production process. Always in contact with the film, it determines the thickness by measuring the change of capacity. Precise position recognition makes it possible to assign the thickness profile to a specific point on the die or air ring. This permits the precise location of thick and thin areas so that they can be corrected by the control system.
pdf Brochure: PMS-B

In contrast to the PMS-B sensor that touches the bubble, the VenPad extension operates with a contactless sensor. This sensor uses an air shield with integrated nozzles that direct a tangential flow of air between the sensor and film tube. The resulting Venturi effect forms an air cushion that keeps the sensor on a free-moving mounting at a constant distance from the film. The patented VenPad is used, for example, with films that are sticky or susceptible to scratching.
pdf Brochure: VenPad